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As one of Google’s Certified Publishing Partners(GCPP), Adsreturn can help your business thrive at the highest level. Google selected us as one of only 35 companies all over the world to work with them in this program based on our proven expertise in Google AdSense, DoubleClick Ad Exchange, and DoubleClick for Publishers.

Why should you choose a certified partner? Because every day we help publishers like you set up ads, manage and optimize them, and analyze the results. We handle the details so you’re free to spend your time on what you do best: creating great content for your site.

We can help make online advertising work harder and smarter for you. We'll learn about your unique publishing needs and then help you with:

  • Full-service ad creation, management and testing
  • App, mobile, web, and responsive design development
  • Website monetization
  • Information of trend in Ad market

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Yield Management

Adsreturn handles problems about ad revenue for you to focus on what you are best at, such as account setting, site analysis, optimization, performance monitoring, inventory management, and so on

Comprehensive monetization solution

With customized training and long-term experience, Adsreturn’ s ad consultants are great at Google solutions, such as AdSense, DoubleClick Ad Exchange, and DoubleClick for Publishers

Trained Experts

As one of Google’s Certified Publishing Partners(GCPP), Adsreturn helps your business thrive at the highest level

New Google Updates

Adsreturn keeps pace with Google to access consulting and technical support, and you don’t need to worried about “left behind”


Adsreturn is certified by Google, specializing in this field, so I trust Adsreturn with all my heart.

Besides, with certified optimization capabilities by Google, I can just focus on web content, having a mutually beneficial result.


We appreciate Adsreturn’s effort on sites analysis and optimization of Mamaclub.

They help enhance user experience, brand preference, and interaction, which increase ad revenue so that we can focus on “solving daily life problems for every mother”.


Adsreturn consultants are like our partners who offer ad performance analysis, updated information, and solutions of our problems.

They help a lot on website revenue and operation, such as ad Exchange, m-web speed inspection, detailed report and powerful DFP system.


Since years of cooperation, my consultant has kept offering complete service to us! She helps us to know the ad performance and to adjust ad position to increase sites revenue.

When we have problems on DFP system, she can fix them in a short time.


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